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Room by Room Packing Guide

More than just about anything else, packing well is essential for an overall successful move.

A full-service long-distance moving company can take care of this for you - but sometimes, you want to do it yourself. See our packing guide below for tips on a DIY move.

At STS Relocation LLC, we want to make your moving experience as painless as possible. While we offer packing services, we understand that some customers prefer to do the packing themselves. That's why we've provided the following packing guide to help ensure you have a smooth cross-town or cross-country moving experience. Pick a room, and our packing guide will explain how to best pack and what you're likely to find there.
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Garage/Hobby Room Storage

The garage and/or storage sheds typically take the longest to prepare for moving, as they are filled with odd-shaped, sharp, or heavy items that require special care to pack correctly.

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Home Office/Den

Label cords and cables so you'll know which goes where, and pack them in the dame box as the electronic equipment they go with.


Start packing your bedrooms for moving by tracking less-used guest rooms first. Children can help by setting aside the toys and books they want to take with them and packing the rest in boxes.

Living/Family/Guest Room

From electronics to lamps, your main living area requires a little extra preparation prior to moving day.

Dining Room

The dining room will generally include your most fragile china and crystal stemware. Moving professionals recommend that each item should be carefully wrapped (separately) in paper and placed in dish-pack moving cartons; cellular dividers are recommended for stemware. 

Kitchen/Laundry Room

Once you know you're moving, you can begin packing your kitchen almost immediately. Start with your less-used serving dishes, seasonal items, and small appliances.

Moving Appliances

When preparing large appliances for moving, it is important that they clean and dry to avoid the build up of mildew and mold.

Non-transportable Items

Movers cannot accept flammable, corrosive or explosive goods. Typical examples:

Paint or Paint thinners, Propane cylinders, Gasoline, Fireworks, Oxygen Bottles

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High-Value Items

We are always happy to move all your items, however we suggest you should transport valuable and irreplaceable items with you rather than on the truck. Typical examples: Firearms, Cash, Collections (e.g., coins), Jewelry, Important personal papers (e.g., deeds, wills) Negotiable papers (e.g., bonds, stocks, certificates)


Types of Boxes

No matter what you're trying to pack, Worldwide Moving Systems LLC has the box. Our Boxes come in all different strengths, sizes, and shapes to help ensure safe and efficient moving. 

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